"The webcomic that Rolling Stone magazine
and the New York Times have simply ignored."

= Rave reviews for Beebleville! =

"Beebleville is the most wonderfully WTF single-panel strip I've seen in months." -rstevens, of rstevens' Journal

"wow the graphics suck but its pretty funny" -coco, The Webcomic List Comments

"Their so stupid. ROFL!!! I can't stop reading them!" - Jana69 on IRC #Dalnet

"Gawd, these are the awful kinda jokes I like to write to annoy people." -IWYDcomcs of It Wasn't Your Day

"'s in about the same league as knock-knock jokes."
"I think the art has a unique charm to it, so no problems there."
-boolean, The Webcomic List Forum

"I find this comic weirdly compelling." - Dolorous of Don & Doll

"My Mom says 'You're not right.'" -Anonymous friend.

"Maybe, someone should just bonk you on the head and leave it at that..." -Anonymous

"You are very weird." -Anonymous

"I want to learn the computer. Everywhere you look you keep seeing those wwwww dot com things." -Vince's mother.