Beebleville Theatre

A different Theory about the Last Supper Painting...

Da Vincey Code is the theory that the figure to the right of Jesus was not the Apostle John
nor was it Mary Magdeline as recent popular theories may have you believe. Our theory here at is that the figure is actually an ancient relative of the owner of this website.

Yes... The figure is in fact an ancestor of Vince Beeble himself! This man of Beeble blood not
only crashed what he thought was a "dinner party" but also disrupted the gathering when the pizza
he ordered was delivered. (Apparently he did not care much for bread and wine.) This close-up
shows the original painting before it was touched up. I'm not saying that he was trying to get
in on being an apostle or trying to become the messiah himself... I just think he was hungry.
Though he wore a disguise (a blond wig) he was discovered and thrown out shortly after refusing
to let Peter have a slice.

Below is an enlarged "Windows Wallpaper Sized" version that you can use
to send to others so they can be educated in history and art.