Beebleville Theatre

Beebleville: Behind the Scenes

An inside look as to how the Magic of Beebleville is Created.

Many webcomics have tutorials on how they go through great pains to design, pencil, ink, scan,
clean, edit, color, shade, write plots, add speech bubbles, add lettering, and master the tools of
Photoshop to create their comics. So I thought I would show the world how I create Beebleville.

My way is a tad more... simple! :)

Step 1

The first thing I need is some strange idea!
The world is a strange place. I try to make it stranger.

Step 2

Then I need to get out my trusty drawing tools. Either
a plain old marker and paper on a clipboard or my
fancy new Wacom Graphire4 Tablet.

Step 3

Here is the actual sketching part! Either directly into the PC using the Wacom
Tablet or simply on paper. I don't bother penciling first. I go straight to inking.
If I make a little mistake I can fix it once it's scanned. If I make a big mistake I
might add strange things to it for fun since it's ruined anyway. I'll add wings, a
tail, and anything that comes to mind before I get bored and simply redraw it.
Or I'll just scribble it out and start over right away! But where is the fun in that?
But I digress...

Step 4

It's time to scan the finished comic into the PC!
Just like magic, it is now in digital form. Way cool, eh?

Step 5

I open the image up in Paint Shop Pro 9. That's where I crop it, edit any errors,
add color (on Sundays) and add the stamp to a corner of the
comic. Once the digital picture is done I'll need to update my website code!

Step 6

I hop into notepad.exe for my html needs. (The only real way to do HTML!) I copy the html
code from a previous date and edit it to reflect the newest cartoon and simply save it as a
new file. It saves time. Four HTML files need editing every update. After the website code
is done it's time for...

Step 7

This is the part where I send the files to my host's webserver and the files go
public. And poof! Just like that my website is updated and a new toon is live!
I use CuteFTP by GlobalSCAPE for this. But any FTP program should work!

Step 8

This is the step where I admire my work!
Ta-daaaah! The finished product!